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Live performance videos at Gibson Street Gala:

So here are, as promised the newer versions of the demo recordings and a previously unheard track. We finally feel as if we've begun to approach a method of recording which is loose enough but has a better and more radio/podcast friendly quality.

These were recorded not so much at the table, but rather in Jamie's bedroom through a usb desk, a couple of mics and no audiophile treat, but a learning curve nonetheless.

The band is sad that we will be separated by the Atlantic ocean and marriage. We played a couple of shows in the back court and at the closing of the Master of Fine Art at the glue factory in Glasgow. I have now put three videos from the Gibson St Gala show-all very cute, playing in a tent in our back garden, the smallest toddler groupie, slightly temperamental microphones and all of us playing at breakneck nervous speed.

There is also some secret live recording featuring a dear friend on saxophone which I'll put as an extra bonus if you choose to download.

There is a chance of a simultaneous transatlantic release of a physical EP - time and designer friends permitting. We'll keep you posted.

So for now, best wishes, adieu and all that.

Ben, Ella, Jamie, Justin


released July 1, 2010



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thous&thees Glasgow

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Track Name: Bikes and Rides
I remember a time when you rode on the back of my bike through the city,
You held on to me, my periphery was filled with the blur of the lights,
And maybe it's a false memory of how it was that night, that night.

And maybe one day, far from now I'll remember this right.
Or maybe it's a false memory, a blind-spot in my sight.
A blind-spot in my sight.

And maybe one day you'll ride on the back of my bike, and we'll blow through the traffic and we'll float through all the lights. Or maybe it's a false memory a blind spot in my sight.

Then I thought of modesty and the motorway pushing the city, in front of me, bisecting me, to the back of my mind.

And you kissed me.

And maybe one day you'll ride on the back of my bike, and we'll blow through the traffic and we'll float through all the lights. Or maybe it's a false memory a blind spot in my sight.
Track Name: Shallow Song
On and on and still it goes on.
And your chorus repeats in your shallow song.
You did what you said I still think you are wrong.
And the chords stay the same in our callous song.
On and on, further on it will go.
And we wait patiently for a faster tempo.
You mean what you say, I still think you are wrong,
and the verse still repeats in this shallow song.

On and on and still it goes on, and your chorus repeats in your callous song,
You mean what you say I still think you are wrong and your verse just repeats in this shallow song.

Sulphur smile, man I know that scene,
Those places that runway that I haven't been, that I haven't been, and I'll never be.
Direct plot-lines and soft-seat addiction. This could be an airport fiction, an airport fiction. Where I'll never be.
Track Name: Follow Alexandria
I checked it's empty,
rain from sea,
eroding pavements and tenements,
and all the while,
soaking me.

Silent sirens,
skylined lines,
follow Alexandria
for sleepless nights.

This is not a simple geography,
follow Alexandria slowly and patiently.
This is not an easy geometry,
follow Alexandria patiently and slowly.
This is no didactic history,
follow Alexandria slowly and faithfully...

Track Name: Faultline
There's a faultline in your bloodline and it runs deep,
talk of tectonic platelets and tremors in your sleep.
Your sleep.

Attractive as it is to set up dichotomies,
I felt that island slip and move, move away from me.
There's a rift you've opened up between tongue and cheek,
and the earth your you shake an inheritance for the weak.
The weak.


Your blood opens up a line for your two feet,
I want your footpath to shift and draw close to me for:

There's a faultline in my bloodline and it runs deep.
There's a faultline...